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It's year three of the AMTF, which means year three of crowdfunding. We've been so humbled by, and appreciative of, all the community support over these last two festivals, and we're asking for it again! With this year's festival we will have introduced 7 NEW MUSICALS to the Atlanta community. That's 7 NEW MUSICALS that were born here and 7 NEW CHANCES for 7 NEW CREATIVETEAMS. We're asking that all our pals and supporters donate $7 or more in honor of these 7 projects at our 7 FOR 7 donation level! Also in honor of this achievement? Or $7000 goal. Which means-feel free to check out our higher donation level perks and give what you can!

Also cool this year? We'll be partnering with community organizations here in ATL-Organizations that provide services to youth and refugee families. With your support, we can include outreach, free and discounted tickets and service-based activities in our programming this year. You've shown us how important we are to the community-so it's time for us to show the community how important they are to us!

Thanks for your continued support! Together, we can make Atlanta a home for the next great American musical. 




What Is The Money For?

  • VENUE & EQUIPMENT: Sound & Lighting Equipment, Administrative Supplies
  • STAFF & INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: Executive Artistic Director, Production Manager, Publicist, Creative Director, Graphic Designers, Festival Technicians, Photographer, Videographer
  • INSURANCE: General & Liquor Liability
  • PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: Postcards, Posters, Festival Program, Step & Repeat, Digital Advertising, Print Advertising
AMTF - Production


Only a fraction of the AMTF’s operating budget comes from ticket sales.  AMTF is counting on YOUR support to build the financial foundation necessary to grow this festival to new and greater heights!

AMTF - Production

Our Fiscal Sponsor: C4 Atlanta

C4 Atlanta Inc. is a nonprofit arts service organization whose mission is to connect arts entrepreneurs to the people, skills and tools they need to build a successful artistic career in metro Atlanta.  The organization was founded in July 2010 in response to a growing need for business services for Atlanta’s arts community.  C4 Atlanta’s initial program offerings are geared toward creating a new foundation of sustainability for arts and culture in the Atlanta region. 

Contributions made to C4 Atlanta and earmarked for The Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  For more information about C4 Atlanta, contact by email at admin@c4atlanta.org or by phone at 404-WOW-ARTS

The AMTF is able to receive tax deductible donations and sponsorships via our fiscal sponsor, C4 Atlanta.


Thank You!