2018 Official Selections


Wonder Women

Book, Music & Lyrics by Greg Becker

Wonder Woman was a 1941 creation by William Marston, the inventor of the lie detector.

Wonder Women, the musical, tells the unknown story of 3 women who lived with Marston in a secret poly-amorous relationship. Their passions for the early feminist agenda, mixed with Marston’s propensity for fetish and kink, created the perfect environment for the birth of a female hero of mythic proportions. Can these 3 women overcome the misogyny, censorship, and sexual taboos of the day to redefine an entire industry? Wonder Women explores the hidden truths behind the origin of Wonder Woman.  


Red, A Crayon's Musical (TYA)*

Music & Lyrics by John Burke
Book by Ben Thorpe

A blue crayon, mislabeled as Red, is having a tough time. 

As hard as Red tries, his drawings look strange... and everyone is noticing. His mother and brother want to help, his teachers and coach push him in different directions, and his fellow crayon-students think he's just plain weird. Red will try anything in order to be normal. 

Then, Red makes a new friend who opens his eyes to the possibility that what others see as strange could possibly be what makes him special.

Based on Michael Hall's children's book, this family musical is about community, self discovery, and being true to one’s self.

*Theatre For Young Audiences


Sundays At Four

Music & Lyrics by Jamie Walker & Jonathan Peacock
Book by Brittani Minnieweather

Family and faith collide in this generational story about life’s difficult lessons. Sundays at Fourrevolves around a family’s foundation, Grandma Washington, and the practical proverbs she instilled in her granddaughter. Every Sunday at four, the Washington family gets together. It’s a sacred time for fellowship; a time for healing, but also for hurting; a powerful collision of personalities.

Sundays at Fourexplores what happens when family dynamics are challenged. What happens when the status quo is no longer acceptable? And what happens when family members ask questions they never dared to ask before? Will the Washington family ever recover? And will they continue to meet every Sunday at four?


The Fairy Hoax

Music by Jay D'Amico
Book & Lyrics by Tom Diggs

Inspired by The Cottingley Fairy Hoax

The Fairy Hoax, a magical musical for the whole family, is a coming-of- age story about Dulcie, a thirteen-year-old girl in Yorkshire, England, who fakes photographs of fairies in order to save her relationship with her emotionally distant mother, a relationship which has been torn apart by the First World War. With the help of Francis, an eccentric male friend, Dulcie manages to create a series of photographs that not only cheer up her mother, but also enchant a nation. With the help of The Strand magazine, the children's celebrity around the faked photos goes too far as Dulcie’s life becomes unbearable watching her mother go “round the bend.” And when she feels betrayed by her friend, Dulcie decides to stop all talk of fairies and give up her celebrity status in order to preserve what’s left of her family and her dignity.